Welcome to the SA School Canteen Network

Welcome to the SA School Canteen NetworkWelcome to the SA School Canteen NetworkWelcome to the SA School Canteen Network

Online training


The online training course for Canteen managers developed for FOCiS (Federation of Canteens in Schools) by the WA School Canteen Association, is ready and waiting for you!  


SASCN has a limited number of $50 subsidies available for Department schools. With the course discount by FOCiS this is only a cost of $13 to you .

Please contact us via email for more information: contact details can be found on our home page.

Thank you to Sue, canteen manager at the Pines Primary for her feedback-

"I really did enjoy the course, it has led me on to doing the Allergens course which I haven’t finished yet.  I think the course should actually be a requirement for all canteen managers to do, even if you have years of experience or only a few years experience.  Its always good to have up to date knowledge."

Thank you to Annette, canteen manager at Murray Bridge South Primary School, for her feedback-

"I really enjoyed the course. I did it over a couple of days, but that suited me. I have been working here for 9.5 years, but there is always things that you can learn, and I did get a lot out of it. In fact I am making a number of changes with menu and displays because of what I learnt. I would recommend it to all canteens.”